IM injectable vitamins with prescriptions for health & wellbeing.

Only available to trained/certified or insured health professionals. Not for sale to the general public.
IM Vits services do not diagnose or treat medical conditions.

Next Day Delivery

Tracked postage with next day delivery for orders before 12pm.

Inclusive Pricing

Fully inclusive cost for products, postage and prescriptions.

Approved Products

UK prescriber approved products for health & wellbeing purposes.

Online Prescriptions

Access our online prescription system and UK prescribers.

Welcome to IM Vits

IM Vits offers a range of injectable vitamins with prescriptions exclusively for trained and certified vitamin providers or health professionals. Our fully inclusive pricing includes prescriptions and next day delivery for UK prescriber approved and tested products to ensure you can administer injectable vitamins safely and confidently.

Plus you can refer your friends or colleagues to receive 5% lifetime commission on all future sales.

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Vitamin B12

Hydroxocobalamin 1mg in 1ml


B Complex

2ml B1, B2, B3, B5 & B6


Vitamin C

Ascorbic Acid 500mg in 2ml


Vitamin D

D3 300,000 IU in 1ml



1200mg powder with saline


Vitamin B12

Hydroxocobalamin 5mg in 2ml

Prescriptions for POMs

It is essential that anyone administering POMs (Prescription Only Medicines) such as injectable vitamins, should only do so having received appropriate training, under the advice of a registered prescriber.

Unfortunately many providers currently supply POM injections without any form of prescription, sometimes using products bought outside of proper channels, which carries numerous risks.

This can be due to lack of knowledge, or not having access to proper services. Or in the worst cases, providers understand the rules, but don’t believe prescriptions to be necessary for the ungoverned health and wellbeing sector, so prefer to ‘get away’ with what they can to save costs.

IM Vits is a simple platform that allows trained vitamin providers to buy genuine POM injectable vitamins with prescriptions from registered prescribers to help them remain compliant when supplying vitamins for health & wellbeing purposes.

We offer affordable, all inclusive pricing with an aim to expand our product ranges and services over time to help support the industry as much as possible.

How IM Vits Works


Register to view prices and order products online.


Attach training certificates and/or proof of insurance for compliance.


Buy injectable vitamins with prescriptions securely online.


Access our UK registered prescribers and prescriptions.

Refer others and get lifetime commission from all purchases.

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IM Vits FAQ’s

What is the purpose of IM Vits?

It’s very simple, if you are using POMs (Prescription Only Medicines) you MUST obtain a prescription from an appropriately registered prescriber. Even when used for non-medical, health and wellbeing purposes.

Because the MHRA and CQC do not properly govern the non-medical sector, there is a myth that prescriptions are not necessary for health and wellbeing. This is not true, and anyone using POMs without a prescription is acting dangerously and irresponsibly, and just trying to ‘get away’ with what they can, which really goes against everything about the industry they work in.

Not only that but several aesthetics insurers confirmed that they would not cover any claim arising from the use of POMs where a valid prescription was not in place.

That’s why IM Vits has developed an all-in-one platform as a solution for health, wellbeing and beauty practitioners to access trusted and tested products with prescriptions through registered prescribers.

Why do I have to register to view prices and buy products?

We have chosen not to show pricing on the front end of our website in order to protect users and the industry – where practitioners would prefer that potential clients cannot see how much they pay for products and prescriptions.

Equally we cannot and do not sell to the public, so require a compliance approval process before allowing access to services.

What proof do I need to register?

IM Vits CAN NOT and DO NOT sell to the public, so we just need to ascertain that you are properly trained/qualified to administer injectables.

This can be proven by sharing training/qualification certificates and/or proof of insurance to deliver injectables.

In addition we ask for supporting information in the form of a proof of identification (photo ID) and proof of address (utility bill etc) to establish that applicants are genuine.

What if I can't upload documents from my phone?

If you are using a phone to register and have trouble uploading or attaching documents, please complete your registration and send them back by email, from the email address you used to register.

How do I know that the products supplied are safe and compliant?

The products supplied have been sourced by our prescribers and are obtained from licensed pharmaceutical suppliers.
In addition, we have had products independently tested for safety and potency.

Therefore we know that all products supplied are exactly what they should be and have been manufactured to required standards, so can be administered with confidence.

Can I get prescriptions for my own vitamin products?

No sorry. The terms of this service have been set by the prescribers who can only prescribe for products that they know are safe and suitable for purpose.

For that reason, prescriptions are only available for products that are supplied by prescribers through the platform.

All products are batch controlled by prescribers, therefore the use of any other products immediately invalidates the prescription.

Do you support the treatment or diagnosis of any medical conditions?

No, definitely not. We have to be clear that our registered prescribers will only prescribe for health & wellbeing purposes, and will in no way help to treat or diagnose medical conditions of any kind through this service.

Prescriptions are used purely to assess the safety and suitability of administering different types of injectables to a named person. This is based on the accurate recording of a full medical history – including details of any medications being taken – obtained through a consultation.

Why do you operate an affiliate system for IM Vits?

We believe that we are helping the industry to improve through our service offering, and want to spread the message as quickly and widely as possible.

The affiliate system helps and encourages users to share our message while also earning a small percentage of sales from the friends and colleagues that they may refer to our website.

You can find more information on our affiliate page.